Meet Alisha

The cake face behind Sweet Bakes

She, like a good recipe, is a little bit of a lot of things. Once a professional cheerleader, journalism student, fitness instructor, excellent dog patter…and now your friendly neighbourhood cake lady + children’s author.

Her motivations for entering the world of treats is plain and simple. It’s all about FUN! Taking the approach that life is meant to be lived with total joy, she naturally, found herself expressing her creativity with the most joyful food on the planet…CAKE!

Her wild sugary ride began with a few sugar cookies baked for friends, to now, where she jets about sharing & inspiring fellow dessert enthusiasts in classes both in Australia and internationally. Sweet Bakes mission is to inspire & edu-cake bakers everywhere. Alisha and her work are regularly featured in both print & television.

Alisha is the Author/Illustrator of a new children’s book series - Storybook Sweets
Tales of treats, with positive messages … and recipes to bake your characters to life!!

Millie Muffin is her first book - available now in all good books store or signed copies here!

Alisha is a creative cake content creator and regularly partners with her favourite brands to bring inspiring social media recipes & ideas to her audience both online and in person. 

In 2020, Alisha returned back to the kitchen to spread sweetness, with cake gifting and shippable sweets. 
The Cake Mail Club swept Australia by storm, bringing a sense of community, cheer & perhaps the sugar high the world so needed. 

Sending cake is the new sending flowers.

See what Alisha is currently baking over on the Bake Shop.