Cake Mail Club - The Royals Edition


Oh no, it's not it's...Cake Mail Club is back for 2024 and embracing all that is gloriously royal. 

In this Royal edition box of treats you will find 8 delightful cake slices fit for a King (hi Charles)


Camilla Parker Scrolls - Cinnamon Scroll Cream Cheese Cake
Harry's our fav Ginger - Gingerbread, Marmalade and Salted Caramel Mud Cake 
Zestminster Abbey - Orange & Lemon Syrup Cake 
Beetroot & Eugenie - Chocolate Beetroot Sour Cream Ganache Cake
Spill the Royal-Tea - Earl Grey, Buttery Shortbread & Milk Chocolate Mousse
Buckingjam Palace - Sour Cherry Jam & Moist Almond Cake
Royal Wedding Cake - Meg & Harry's Lemon & Elderflower
Lizzie's Fav - Lumberjack Cake with Toasted Caramel & Cream Cheese

This product is only available for APRIL 22ND.
This is the day the parcel will ship via Express Post Aus Wide.
Or, you can pick up from our Richmond Studio.  

Express Shipping Fee is $10 FLAT RATE. 

Want to receive a box of cake every month for 6 months as a VIP subscriber? 
Fab - join us here. 
(The VIP membership = free shipping all year!) 

Cake Mail Club - The Royals Edition
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Cake Mail Club - The Royals Edition

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