The only way we know how....by eating cake & posting about it on social media! 

The queen of pop, we hear you, we see you, we honour you. 

In this edition of Cake Mail Club we pay homage to Britney Spears and the joy she has brought into our pop culture hearts.

If Britney's people are reading this, please end the conservator ship and also let us know a PO Box we can send this cake mail to - thanks.

In this limited edition box you will find 8 Britney themed flavours 
sent via EXPRESS POST on Monday 26th of April

(Some local deliveries will be done in Melbourne on this date - all postage will arrive from the 27th onwards) 


Here's a little hint into what you can expect to find inside:

Britney Spearmint 
- let's get minty! 
Gimme S'more
- the s'more, the second greatest thing America gave us behind Brit.
Hit me baby one more Thyme 
-Strawberry Thyme cake 
Kevin Fedderlime 
- The baby daddy, the ex, the absolute zesty Kevin cake version. 
I'm not a Twirl 
- not yet a woman...cadbury twirl meets cake. 
Break the Coconut Ice 
- this nostalgic treat meets an iconic pop album. 
Fruit L-oops I did it again 
- cereal milk, fruit loops, need we say more. 
You want a piece of me? 
- this one is going to be IRRESISTIBLE.

This edition of #CAKEMAILCLUB is one not to be missed!