Custom Cake Orders

After a four year creative cake hiatus... Alisha is back and ready to bake for your next event! 

Offering an extremely limited set of available dates for 2022.


(Availability updated every 3 months)

Alisha has turfed the generic flavour & design menu, and will create a customised creation in both taste and aesthetic for your Melbourne based occasion.
All flavours will be tailored to you for your cake, based upon your favourite desserts, something suitable to your party theme or perhaps cake mail flavours you have loved in the past! 

Design inspiration you may like to send through could be the event theme, colour palette, artwork, pets, hobbies, favourite holiday destinations, invitations or a little story about who & what this cake may be for. 
Everything & anything can be used for Alisha to sketch and then bake your dream cake to life. 

Please lodge your enquiry through the form here, or email