European Summer Cake Mail Club - Round 3 - July 19th

In this edition of Cake Mail Club grab you passport, pack your togs & get ready to jetset off for a ...


Australians all let us rejoice for we are one and....DESPERATE for a holiday! 
So allow me to transport you to the continent filled with wine, cheese, crystal seas & an ability to enjoy the delicious things in life. 

On this Caketiki Tour, we will head to 8 European countries. 

Destination 1: France- Bonjour! A Beurre & Macaron cake awaits you, oui oui indeed! 
Destination 2: Italy - Here we are in Positano enjoying Tiramisu cake, bellissimo. 
Destination 3: Spain - Hear the strum of the flameco guitar as we indulge in a Churro & Dulce de Leche cake. Drool.
Destination 4: England - Tea & Biscuits, becomes cake! Lizzie would approve. 
Destination 5: Greece - Buy yourself a Mythos, pop your sunnies on and relax poolside in Santorini with this delicious Baklava cake.
Destination 6: Germany - grab your dirndl, lets tuck into this Stout & Salty Pretzel cake & sing our favourite Oktoberfest ballads!
Destination 7: Sweden - I would argue Semlor Buns & Lingonberry jam are this countries greatest invention in front of Ikea, so we shall honour them in cake form. 
Destination 8: Russia - Putins Grandma approves of the layers & layers & layers of Russian Honey Cake you will find on this stop.

This is the THIRD round of this theme! 

Express Posted on July 19TH
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Lots of surprises in store for this one! 
See you at the airport! 

Alisha x