Essential Summer Experiences

Ah Melbourne, 

We may be in a little bit of a pickle but that won't stop us from experiencing all the joy summer has to offer. 
Wether you're stuck inside isolating or just fancy seeing the world through a cake coloured lens... this one is for you!
I've returned to work early to bake the best of the sunny season. 
Let's head on 8 adventures, each with a cake to match. 

Let's go..
Off to the pub - beer & butterscotch sticky date pudding cake 
On a tropical island - pineapple passion mango cake
To the beach - watermelon & coconut cake
On a hike - oatmeal cookie cake 
Go Camping - s’mores cake
Dance at a party - champagne & sprinkles cake
Brunch with friends - banana, maple & pecan pancakes cake
Check into a hotel - pillow mint cake

Delivery on Saturday 15th of Jan 
Delivery radius is 
40KM from Kilsyth 
40KM from Toorak

(Between 8am-3pm, you will receive a time slot indication at start of week)

**Cakes need to be refrigerated upon delivery, you can leave a cooler bag out for us if you would like if you have stepped out of the house when courier arrives**

Cake will save us all!!!