- Wedding Cake Design -
Wedding cakes are designed specifically to each couple, based on the style of their special day. Alisha will sketch unique concepts for you to choose your dream wedding cake from.

- Cake Mail -

An exclusive service from soon-to-be weds. Cake Mail is an opportunity for couples to sample the most popular flavours. The Cake Mail pack includes 8 pieces of cake of Alisha’s choosing that is express posted out to your address. 

$40 service, posted bi-monthly on pre determined dates.


- Celebration Cakes -
Celebration cakes are tailored to each client, based on the style of event or desired theme. Sketching of these designs is not always required, but if visual reference is required will be.

- Petite Desserts -
Dessert packages are offered for dessert bars & catering. Packages have been pre-determined in terms of quantities and number of dessert varieties. The is based on event numbers. Dessert will be custom designed in both look & in flavour. 


- Bonbonierre - 

Bonbonierre & Party favours begin from $4 per unit
Popular products include, cookies, marshmallows, macarons & chocolates. 


Pricing is heavily dependant on the design as well as required serves/size. This is just as unique as the look of each design.
SB requires a minimum spend of $200 - with single tier cakes starting from this price.

For further information & a customised quote please fill out the contact form or email