Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

Hi sweet ones! 

Today I'm sharing my recipe for my perfect, cut out sugar cookies! 
This recipe is tried and tested, over and over and overrrrrr (I make a lot of cookies!). 

With this recipe below, you don't need to chill your dough at any stage which is super convenient for anyone like me, who is always go go go! Also, they retain their shape when baked, so you won't end up with big melted cookie puddles #pinterestfail !

The baking times are going to differ depending on what cookie cutter you use, usually my 8cm cookies take around 13 minutes. Also! Any leftover dough that you have can be frozen, win!

I use this cookie dough in my latest Youtube video - Painted Watermelon Cookies.  

Feel free to leave your questions & comments below. 

Happy Baking, 

Alisha x