^ some not so secret declarations right there.

Anyway!! HI!! I am 100000% excited to show you all this project. I was asked by the awesome Miranda, creator of Edible Art Paints, to create my own range! I have been a huge advocate for her paints from the get go - they are GAME CHANGING! These babies paint on everythinggggg imaginable. Im talking chocolate, buttercream, fondant, ganache, royal icing... you name it! 

So it even more exciting that I could create 3 colours to add to this range! OBVS it was always going to be WATERMELON! There is Bright Melon Green, Dark Melon Green & Watermelon Pink. These colours are so intense & vibrant! Not only do they make killer fruity colours, but they are incredible for painting flowers, leaves & foliage. 

Check them out!!!!! 


I hope you all love them as much as I do! Ive made a little video for you all on how to create watercolour melon cookies where you can see the paints in action. A link to purchase these babies is here --->


Alisha x 

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

Hi sweet ones! 

Today I'm sharing my recipe for my perfect, cut out sugar cookies! 
This recipe is tried and tested, over and over and overrrrrr (I make a lot of cookies!). 

With this recipe below, you don't need to chill your dough at any stage which is super convenient for anyone like me, who is always go go go! Also, they retain their shape when baked, so you won't end up with big melted cookie puddles #pinterestfail !

The baking times are going to differ depending on what cookie cutter you use, usually my 8cm cookies take around 13 minutes. Also! Any leftover dough that you have can be frozen, win!

I use this cookie dough in my latest Youtube video - Painted Watermelon Cookies.  

Feel free to leave your questions & comments below. 

Happy Baking, 

Alisha x

SB does Youtube!

Hi sweet ones! 

Well this might be the scariest adventure yet! I have just created my very own Youtube channel - eek!! To kick things off I decided to share my tips & tricks to creating a marbled fondant finish. I get asked how to create this marble look quite a lot, and I think you'll be surprised and just how easy as pie this really is! 

So here it is ----->

I am so looking forward to entering Youtube land - so much to learn, but so much I cannot wait to share with you all. I would love to hear your feedback & see your own marble creations if this tutorial helped you in any way.

Happy baking!!! 

Alisha x