Meet Alisha.

The cake face behind Sweet Bakes. 

Her motivations for entering the world of sweets is plain and simple. It’s all about FUN! Taking the approach that life is meant to be lived with total joy, she naturally, found herself expressing her creativity with the most joyful food on the planet…CAKE!

Her wild, sugary ride has been shared through Instagram, from it’s very humble beginnings at 19 years old in her parents kitchen - to now, where she jets about, baking, creating, teaching & sharing that passion for desserts, to anyone willing to listen! There is nothing that makes her heart sing more than, seeing bakers across the globe, be inspired & educated through her work. Alisha now loves creating & curating sweet experiences across a whole baking tray of events and projects.

She is currently working on her first book, due to be released in 2019.