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Hey sweet friends! 

Alisha here, the cake face behind Sweet Bakes. 

My motivations for entering the world of sweets is plain and simple. Im driven by FUN! I celebrate every occasion big & small - and what better way to be involved in those occasions than by bringing cake to the party! I have a background as a performer, swapping my pom-poms for a pair of oven mitts, I now dance my way through the kitchen on a daily basis. 

I've shared my sugar rush from its very beginnings on Instagram, humbled by the amount of amazing people who I have had the opportunity to spread sweetness too in that time. 

I'm here to bring all your cake wishes to life, for you to ooh-and-ahh over its looks - and then stuff your face with a second, (or third, girl I aint judgin’) slice!

Lets talk sugar! 

Love Alisha x